Ocean Exploration at your Fingertips

Several oceanographic institutions feature livestreams of their missions, providing the general public with open access to their work. Their efforts are invaluable both as technological feats and as a means to spread awareness on the diversity of underwater life and riches, otherwise hidden from sight.

subROV is a simulation game that allows you to launch and pilot a submarine ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and explore the oceans.

Take on Contracts

Choose from several missions with varied objectives, charting the seafloor and performing science observations

Pilot an ROV

Transport, deploy, and take control of a full-ocean-depth rated submarine equipped with an array of advanced tools

Explore the Oceans

Get to the bottom of isolated trenches, survey unknown wreckages, and study creatures barely known to science

subROV is currently under development -follow us for updates and news!

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